How Obesity Happens

If you have been getting on the scale and seeing the results go higher and higher, you’re not alone. Being overweight or obese has become more common in the United States in the last few years. In 30 states, the rates of children who are classified as overweight increased above 30%.

Adult obesity rates have increased above 25% in 31 different states. About one-third of adults in Mississippi are considered obese. Even in Colorado, which has the lowest level of obesity in the country, still has almost 19% of its population being classified as overweight.

Just because being overweight has become more common that doesn’t mean carrying around those extra pounds isn’t unhealthy. Not only can obesity contribute to health problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but it can also impact your quality of life in other ways, such as putting too much pressure on your joints and getting out of breath just from doing ordinary activities.

How Obesity Happens

Becoming overweight is not an overnight process. When you eat food, the fats and other nutrients included in the food are broken down by the digestive process and are absorbed into the body.

At this point, our food is used to give us the energy we need to carry on normally. However, if you eat more than you need, your body takes the extra and stores it for later.

Remember this system was created when our ancestors were not quite so lucky and couldn’t just go through a fast food lane or supermarket to grab dinner. Stored fat provided a source of energy when food wasn’t available.

If you keep eating more than your body needs, the excess continues to be stored and to remain unused. After so much builds up, you gain weight. If you continue in the same way, you’ll gain more weight. Over time, this excess eating leads to obesity.

Xenical & Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult. Once you’ve established a routine of overeating that routine is difficult to break. Weight loss medication such as Xenical can make the process easier. Xenical stops the body from digesting all of the fat that is consumed which means less fat, hopefully no fat, will be left over for storage.

The idea is that Xenical combined with other lifestyle changes can actually increase weight loss and make the process easier. This can increase motivation and make sticking to those changes less challenging.