How to take Xenical (Orlistat)

Xenical is an effective part of any weight loss program and can help anybody to safely lose weight in an achievable and realistic manner. This is accomplished due to the fact that Xenical prevents the body from adding extra weight, in the form of fat, to the body in the first place.

Excess fat is added to a person’s bodyweight when too much fat or too many calories are taken into the body through food. This surplus, which isn’t used by the body for energy, is stored as fat, and this fat progressively builds up the more times the body receives any amount of fat or calories that it does not need.

In the process of digesting, the body breaks down all food into the smallest and simplest parts so as to render it manageable for the body to use or store. It is during this process that Xenical intervenes in the body’s digestive system by blocking about a third of the fat in the food from being broken down and digested.

Xenical itself is scientifically defined as a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, and this means that it helps to aid weight loss by attaching itself to enzymes within the body; it is the job of these enzymes, called lipases, to break down all the fat in the food being digested.

However when Xenical is taken before a meal it stops the lipases from being able to break down the fat in the food, leaving them undigested and so stopping excess fat from being added to the body.

The reality of having to take Xenical as a medication is very simple and easy to add into a daily routine. The average daily dose that it is necessary to take is 120mg three times a day, and this is enough to significantly lower the amount of fat digested by the body.

By targeting the absorption of fat into the body Xenical very simply and very effectively allows the individual to avoid absorbing up to 30% of the fat taken into the body’s digestive system from every meal. When on Xenical this significant amount of fat will pass through the body without being stored or used.

This means that a person taking Xenical can exercise and diet safe in the knowledge that they are not adding on extra fat during meals which will require extra dieting and exercise to burn off.