How Xenical (Orlistat) Works

The Xenical program has been well acclaimed as a weight loss aid due to its uncomplicated nature and the fact that you need not be on a complex and rigorous diet for it to take effect. This is best exemplified by the fact that a diet which recommends reducing the intake of calories from fats by 30%, is exactly the same diet plan that would be advised for someone who is not overweight.

By losing weight in this way you can be assured of utilising a method of treatment which does not rely on appetite suppressants to work. Many drugs available on the market today work by affecting a person’s brain or their central nervous system.

These are designed so as to block the brains demands for food, or to speed up a person’s metabolism so that their body burns up food and fat at an accelerated rate. In contrast to these drugs Xenical works within the digestive system and operates by blocking approximately a third of all the fat ingested in food from being digested and added to the body’s fat stores.

It is important that before you start taking Xenical as part of your daily dieting routine, that you carefully consider the following factors for a successful diet. By acknowledging these aspects of dieting and making sure that you fully understand them and their repercussions then you can hope for a much easier and effective weight loss program.

Make sure that you set realistic targets and goals for your weight loss treatment. Establish what weight you would like to reach and when, but be sure that these ambitions are achievable.

Work out the right diet for you, ensure that it is well- balanced and based on calorie reduction, specifically that the calories from each main meal are 30% or less fat calories.

It is essential that you fully understand how to take Xenical properly as a medication. To take it incorrectly could obviously lead to the medication proving ineffective and unhelpful to your weight-loss program.

Finally it is important that you know why you should be taking multivitamins when taking daily doses of Xenical.

We would like again to stress that Xenical is not a drug that works on the brain or central nervous system. Unlike many other prescription weight loss medications Xenical has no direct effect on the brain.